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Other Services


The Embassy also provides the following other consular services: Legalisation of documents: done at a cost of €20.00 per document with an additional charge of €10 for return postage via registered mail. The original document must be sent to the Embassy for this procedure Preparation of Affidavit/Power of Attorney: done at a cost of €20.00 per document. This process requires

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Application for Non-impediment Certificate


Application form for Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage should be completed and submitted with the following: Three (3) passport-sized photographs; Copy of current passport; Copy of birth certificate; Declaration; and Fees of €20.00 plus €10.00 for return postage via registered mail.  APPLICATION FOR NON-IMPEDIMENT CERTIFICATE DOWNLOAD LINK

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New Passport


Application form for a New Passport should be completed and accompanied by: two (2) recent passport-sized colour photographs (same photograph); a copy of the bio-data page(s) of current passport; and Copy of birth certificate. If name has been changed by a deed poll or declaration a copy of that document must be submitted. The cost for a new passport is

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