• Victoria-Regia-Water-Lily-006

    Victoria Regia Lilly

    Victoria is a genus of water-lilies, in the plant family Nymphaeaceae, with very large green leaves that lie flat on the water’s surface. Victoria amazonica has a leaf that is

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  • rtc-iwokrama-across-river-980x360

    Iwokrama Rain-forest Project

    The IIC is an international not-for-profit organisation, governed by an International Board of Trustees and managed by a professional team of around seventy permanent staff in Georgetown and at the

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  • Hoatzin

    Canje Pheasant

    The hoatzin (Opisthocomus hoazin), also known as the stinkbird, or Canje pheasant, is a species of tropical bird found in swamps, riparian forests, and mangroves of theAmazon and the Orinoco

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  • kaieteur-falls

    Kaieteur Falls

    Kaieteur Falls is a waterfall on the Potaro River in Kaieteur National Park, central Essequibo Territory, Guyana. It is 226 metres (741 ft) high when measured from its plunge over a

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