New Mexican ambassador accredited

HAILING Mexico as a valued market for Guyana’s rice, President David Granger said Guyana looks forward to that country’s support to foster a more resilient agricultural sector.
At the time, he was delivering the keynote address during the Accreditation Ceremony of His Excellency, José Omar Hurtado Conteras, Ambassador of the United Mexican States. Ambassador Conteras presented his Letters of Credence to President Granger, on Wednesday, in the presence of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Karen Cummings; Director-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Audrey Waddell and members of the Mexican Delegation.

In his address, President Granger noted that Guyana-Mexico relations have fostered active cooperation in the fields of agriculture, disaster management, education, oil and gas, and trade and to resuscitate the coconut industry.

“Mexico is a valued market for Guyana’s rice. It has provided valuable technical support in disaster management; extended scholarships to build Guyana’s human resource capacity; and commenced cooperation in the oil and gas sector,” he pointed out.

Noting that Guyana is moving towards the establishment of a ‘green state,’ the Head of State explained that the country’s ‘green’ agenda places significant focus on environmental protection, biodiversity preservation, renewable energy, and climate adaptation.
“Guyana and Mexico share a common interest in working together to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change and to build greater economic and environmental resilience,” President Granger noted while adding that Ambassador Conteras’ appointment allows for the consolidation of cooperation between the two countries.

“We look forward to Mexico’s support in building a more resilient agricultural sector, increasing trade between our two states and learning from Mexico’s experience and expertise in disaster management. We, therefore, look forward to improved relations between our two republics during your tenure as Ambassador of the United Mexican States to the Cooperative Republic of Guyana,” President Granger said.

While underscoring the strong relations between the two countries, Ambassador Conteras said he intends to foster greater growth in the areas of education. “Both countries have aggressive agreements in scientific and technical cooperation that we can make the most of in sectors such as education. For example, I think a big opportunity is teaching Spanish here in Guyana,” he said.

Guyana and Mexico established diplomatic relations on March 1, 1973. Their relations are founded on mutual respect for each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, mutual non-interference in each other’s internal affairs, cooperation for mutual benefit, respect for treaties and international law and the maintenance of regional peace and security. In October, 2017, the Guyana-Mexico relations were reinforced at the regional level during the Fourth CARICOM-Mexico Summit in Belize City. There, President Granger had met with President Enrique Peña Nieto

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