Guyana to lead the region in the negotiations for a CARIFORUM-EU Regional Protocol

Kingston, Jamaica, 16/04/2019: Vice President and Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl B. Greenidge, and Guyana’s Ambassador to the European Union, His Excellency David Hales, were recently appointed to lead the region in the negotiations for a Caribbean Forum (CARIFORUM)/European Union (EU) Regional Protocol at the Ministerial and technical levels, respectively.

The appointment was made when Ministers of the CARIFORUM/ACP [African Caribbean and Pacific Group of States] met in Jamaica on Sunday 14, as well as on Monday 15 April with a high-powered (EU) delegation, to advance the region’s preparations for the negotiation of the Regional Protocol.

Discussions focussed on the region’s strategic priorities to be addressed in the new Post-Cotonou ACP/EU Agreement and timelines for the conclusion of the negotiations. The two bodies are presently engaged in negotiations for a successor to the Cotonou Agreement that will govern trade and development between them for a twenty-year period commencing 2020.

Strategic priorities for the region under the new Agreement include regional integration and cooperation, inclusive sustainable economic growth and development, environmental sustainability, climate change and sustainable management of natural resources, migration and mobility, human rights and social cohesion, peace, and security, and support for Haiti.

Vice President Greenidge addressed migration and mobility and advanced a number of related proposals.

Attending as specially invited guests were Foreign Minister of the Togolese Republic and Chief ACP Ministerial negotiator, Professor Robert Dussey, and ACP Secretary-General, Dr. Patrick Gomes, who is a Guyanese national.


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