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About Guyana

The Cooperative Republic of Guyana lies in the north-east of South America, north of the equator. It is bordered by Suriname on the east, Brazil on the south and Venezuela on the west, and to the north and east is the North Atlantic Ocean. Guyana is a tropical country with two seasons, the rainy season and dry season. Guyana’s tropical rain forest, covers 86% of the land area, is among the most ecologically valuable and best preserved in the world. As the only English speaking country in South America, the population of 790,329 (2021) share strong cultural similarities with the angophone Caribbean owing to same historical origins. Guyana is the fastest growing economy in Latin America and the Caribbean with the main exports being crude petroleum, gold, rice and sea food. 

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  • Driving in Guyana - You can drive in Guyana for a maximum of 60 days with your license.
  • The main ports of entry are Cheddite Jagan International Airport, Eugene F. Correira International Airport, Guyana-Suriname Ferry Crossing and Guyana-Brazil Border Crossing.
  • Key Locations - Georgetown, New Amsterdam, Lethem, Bartica and Corriverton

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